Jurnal Kesehatan-Al Irsyad  (JKA, p-ISSN:2086-0722, e-ISSN: 2549-6603, http://e-jurnal.stikesalirsyadclp.ac.id/index.php/jka) is a national online newsletter as Media to communicate research results related to nursing,midwifery,physiotherapy and public health.

Publication schedule: Maret and September | more info
Language: Indonesia
APC: IDR 300.000  (publishing) | more info
Accreditation (S5): Indonesian Ministry of Res. Tech. & Higher Edu. (No. 21/E/KPT/2018) | show decree
Indexing: SINTA , Google Scholar, One Search, Garuda 

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Publisher :
STIKES Al-Irsyad Al-Islamiyyah Cilacap  of Central Java Province